Bobcat Revolt Bot

Bobcat is a chat bot for Revolt with moderation, games and internet commands, and a credit system, written in TypeScript.


  • Moderation
    • Warn, kick, temporarily and permanently ban users
    • View users' previous infractions
    • Purge messages
    • Change user's nicknames
    • Log moderation actions
  • Games
    • Dice
    • Magic 8-ball
    • Ship users
  • Internet
    • Search Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary
  • Credit system
    • Reward users for being active in your server
    • Set up a credit shop for server perks
  • Antispam
    • 100% FOSS
    • Uses multiple factors to detect spam
  • Member commands
    • Nickname
    • Create invites
  • Automatic actions
    • Automatically assign roles to new members
    • Welcome new members with a customizable message

Planned Features

  • Auto-ban known problem users
  • Vote-kick system
  • Meme and image manipulation commands
  • Web configurator
  • Bridge with other services
  • Author: crispycat
  • Updated: 2022, August 01
  • Category: Software


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