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Hi there, I'm crispycat, a programmer from Pennsylvania, USA. Since I got my first computer at the age of 4, a refurbished Acer netbook running Windows XP, I've been very interested in the world of computing and the nearly infinite possibilities these amazing machines have to offer. Eventually I entered the world of software development, and started making little toys for my computer in Visual Basic. I also learned HTML/CSS/JS and started building my own websites. This is my sixth. I then learned Java, Node.js and PHP, and started programming some serious applications and libraries, many of which you can find on this site.

I'm very passionate about free software, digital privacy and security, tech consumer rights and many other related things. My motivation for making the things I do is not profit or fame, but rather to contribute my work to the world for everyone to use, however one sees fit, and thus my works are all free and open source, mostly licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL or BSD 2-clause licenses for software, and Creative Commons Attribution for other things. Please take a look around the site and see if anything interests you!

You can also learn more about my network, computers and development tools, as well as further information about my works on my About page. Additionally you can sign up for an account and get notified about new content and more.

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