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Building C is a fictitious 88-story skyscraper with a height of 420 meters. Its location is currently unknown, but probably on the east coast of the US. The design is based largely on some of my previous work outside of Skyscrapersim.

Building Directory

Floor Description
P Parking, Security
L (Ground) Lobby
2-3 Lobby Conferencing
5 Conferencing
8-9 Security
12 Cafe, Lounge
15-39 Offices, Conferencing on 19 and 29
55-57 Conferencing
61-62 Security
65-77 Hotel, Lobby on 65
79 Hotel Lounge
81 Swimming Pool
82-83 News Studio
85-88 Executive Offices, Lounge and Communications
R Roof

Other floors are either service floors or vacant.


Elevator Description Floors Serviced>
A-C Lower Main Elevators L-39
D-F Upper Main Elevators L-3, 46-85
G-I Parking Elevators P-3
J Service Elevator P-88
K Executive Elevator 85-R
L Hotel Elevator 65-88
M-O Express to Hotel L-3, 12, 65

Planned Features

  • Fire Alarm System with elevator integration
  • High-quality textures including alpha-dithered windows
  • Interlock toggle switch (for lift surfing, etc)
  • Working toilets?


Download a0.03 (.bld)Download Datapack
Other Versions

The building file and datapack are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Building C a0.03 requires datapack v1.02!

Release Schedule

You can view the current release schedule (which I am completely failing to follow) here.

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