I've always been interested in the details of the world, such as elevators, fire alarms, traffic lights and other things. I also like to design buildings, which I have found Ryan Thoryk's now abandoned Skyscraper Simulator to be (sort of) perfect for. Below you can find my Skyscrapersim buildings as well as my mirror of the binaries.

While it is documented in the Skyscraper design guide how to add OGRE meshes to your building, it has not been documented how to make these meshes until now. This guide explains the full process for creating Skyscraper-compatible mesh and material files in Blender.

Building C Logo

Building C is a fictitious 88-story skyscraper with a height of 420 meters. Its location is currently unknown, but probably on the east coast of the US. The design is based largely on some of my previous work outside of Skyscrapersim.

My buildings usually require that you download my datapack, to be uncompressed inside your skyscrapersim folder. This datapack includes textures, sounds and other things the buildings require that are not already included in Skyscrapersim.

I currently host a repository on GitHub which contains all the binaries for Skyscraper Simulator. I plan to include source code if I come across any, but I have yet to do so.

Skyscrapersim Mirror on GitHub

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