Center City Trip 2022-03-19

Center City Philadelphia - pictures from the train, the Cira Center and the Comcast Technology Center. Unfortunately I missed an opportunity to get a picture of some retired AEM-7s at the SEPTA Overbrook facility.

The skyline as viewed from between Overbrook and 30th Street Station on the Paoli/Thorndale line
The skyline as viewed from one of the Cira Center parking garage elevators
The Amtrak yard at 30th Street Station viewed from the Cira Center parking garage (Wide-angle) - Avelia Liberty trainsets, Amfleet coaches and private cars
Another angle
Non-wide-angle shot
Closer view of the private cars
A sort-of rare fire alarm at the Cira Center. It is mounted low on the wall and consists of a System Sensor speaker mounted on a Wheelock strobe plate. (?)
A closer view of the alarm
The view from the 60th floor of the Comcast Technology Center
Another angle
A view of Liberty Place from Rittenhouse Square
The frog.
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  • Updated: 2022, March 20
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