Bobcat Discord Bot Abandoned

I no longer have an account on Discord. If you encounter any accounts under the name of 'crispycat' or 'bobcat', please disregard these. They are impersonators wanting attention.
This project has been abandoned. Please do not expect support for it.

Bobcat was a bot for the chat application Discord. I worked on it from August of 2019 to November of 2020, and it has gone through 2 major rewrites. I decided to discontinue the project, even having almost finished Alpha 0.12 due to many factors including:

  • Changes, or rather major restrictions, made to the platform, specifically the requirement that bot developers who want to reach more than 100 servers worth of users forfeit a government issued ID, which contains a great amount of very personal information to Stripe, a third party:
  • A lack of activity and interest in the community, there were at most 30 members in the 'support server' and most were not at all involved.
  • Harassment from certain members of the community during very stressful times.

The future of Bobcat

As stated above I did not finish Alpha v0.12. The entire code I have completed will be available on GitHub, as usual. The bot is functional, however it is lacking some of the promised features including those available in previous versions. I welcome anyone interested to finish my work, so long as mine remains acknowledged. I do not plan to return to Discord.

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