Privacy Policy

Privacy online is important. Unlike many sites that use invasive tracking products and collect excessive amounts of data for targeted advertising, collects only the necessary data needed to use the site.

Information you provide

When you register an account on this site or otherwise enter information into the site such as a name or email address, that information may be stored in a database for future use, such as authenticating you when you log in.

Information collected automatically

This site collects some information from your device automatically. This information may include your IP address, cookies, user agent and other device and browser identifiers and data, as well as information about what pages you view. This data may be stored in a database for uses such as keeping track of your login session, denying malicious users access to the site and analytics.

Analytics uses Matomo, free and open-source analytics software which is hosted on the same servers as the site. The information collected by the software includes IP address, cookies, page information and interaction data (what links were clicked, page title, etc.) and information about your device and browser (user agent, coarse location, etc.). This information is used to better understand how you interact with the site. IP addresses are anonymized (only the first two octets are kept, e.g. and raw data older than 30 days is automatically deleted.


No information this site collects is ever shared with third-parties such as Google or Facebook. This site does not use any third-party products such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads. Information may be surrendered to law enforcement in the event of a subpoena or other court order.

Information Security uses HTTPS, password hashing and other technologies to protect your information. These technologies are not 100% fail-safe, and a skilled attacker may be able to obtain data. Please take precautions against such attacks such as using a strong password that is not used on any other site.

Updating or deleting information

If you would like to update the information associated with your account you may do so on the profile page. To request permanent deletion of your account, please email

Changes to this privacy policy

In the event that this privacy policy is changed you should receive an email notifying you of the changes if you have an account on the site. Please check this page regularly for changes.

Remember: if you want to keep something private, don't enter it online!


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